A career may contain many jobs. But a career is greater than the sum of these jobs.

A job may pay the bills, but a career will make you wealthy with more than mere money. Your career will allow you to grow your mind, spirit and material wealth. In a job, you may excel, and shine like a star but your career will often span several jobs, assembling the individual stars into a coherent constellation.

You will outgrow a job, but your career will constantly provide you with new pinnacles to conquer, from whose vantage you will be able to plan your next ascent. You are the only person capable of planning the route to scale these pinnacles. You alone are capable of scaling these summits. A job may require you to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, but your career will require you to have your head in the clouds as you aspire to the sunlit heights above the grey.

A job may provide you with challenges that require ingenuity to solve. But your career may demand you persevere through several jobs that offer little or no encouragement, on your way to achieving a goal that only you are able to perceive and appreciate. Each job on the way will teach you lessons, but your career is your self-education in your life’s purpose.

A job may represent an experiment that needs to be repeated and refined until you get a meaningful result that enlightens you. A job is an obligation to fulfill a contract between you and your employer or customer. But your career is your obligation to be true to yourself.