Questions to ask at your job interview:

“Who is the perfect person for this job? What knowledge, skills, personality traits would you require or expect them to have?”

Once the interviewer(s) have described this hypothetical person, demonstrate how you fit the requirements, where you can offer more, and in the cases where you are not a perfect fit, why your skills and abilities may be more useful (if you still want the job, of course).

“How long have you worked here? What is the average length of time people stay here?” (The staff turnover rate)

A good employer will not find it offensive to answer this – it tells you whether this is a career opportunity or a stopover on the way to your destination. Unless you like hanging around airports, or genuinely want to spend some time exploring a destination along the way, try to get a direct flight!

“How many jobs have you had here?”

This will give you an idea of how good the organization is at facilitating your career growth.

“How many people in your department have been promoted on your recommendation to management levels/salary scales above yours?”

This will help you to understand how well your potential boss facilitates the career advancement of his team.

“May I speak to each of the other team members, individually, one-to-one?”

This will help you get a feel for the team members and how they feel about their manager/supervisor and each other, what their career aspirations are and how you will fit in to the team (or not!). A good manager will have no problem with this request, and you will quickly be warned off if you detect a negative bias in the team towards the company, the boss, or other team members.

Alternatively, this may offer an opportunity if you feel you have strong people skills and would like the challenge of motivating a team, bridging broken relationships and facilitating positive, constructive, open and honest communication that empower each member of the team, including the manager/supervisor with that “win-win” positive glow. Good luck if this is you!