Imagine you have spent ten years learning your trade. You studied for years, did all the exams, got the qualifications, gained the experience. You worked for several years at low pay, barely making ends meet, working your way up in your chosen profession, having to prove yourself every step of the way.

Now, finally, you are able to say, with complete confidence, “I am a …(doctor/engineer/airline pilot/midwife/lawyer/scientist/forester/electrician/fireman/police officer/paramedic/nurse)”. You say it with genuine confidence, which you honestly feel inside yourself. You don’t have to fake it, and you don’t feel like a fake saying it.

Now, imagine that some disaster strikes – say a major earthquake – and you have to leave, become a refugee. Your home is destroyed; your country is in tatters. You have no proof of your identity, never mind your career history. You have to start again, with nothing, and prove yourself in a different country. Perhaps you have to even learn a new language.

You will have to go through the system in your adopted country, starting at zero, and take another ten years before anyone there will believe and accept you saying “I am a … (doctor/engineer/airline pilot/midwife/lawyer/scientist/forester/electrician/fireman/police officer/paramedic/nurse)”

Would you do it all again? Or would it seem like too much hard work?

If you have any second thoughts, then you are not in the right career.