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Tips for Going Back to College

Whether you’re preparing to go to school for the first time since high school, or you’re looking for a major change in your career, going back to college is an important step. In addition to worrying about feeling out of place, you might also be worried that you’ve forgotten how to be a student! It’s very different from a typical job, so here are a few tips to get you through the transition: Prepare Unlike most workplaces, colleges won’t necessarily provide the supplies you need for your ...
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Balancing Your Career and (More) Education

By the time graduation comes around, most students are ready to embark on fulfilling careers with no looking back. Although, throughout their careers there will come a time where updating their skill set will not only be an asset but will help set them apart from their peers. Today businesses are becoming more and more technologically advanced, meaning employees have to follow suit. Going back to school to upgrade or better yet, compliment your skill set, only brings positive results for career advancement and making ...
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Small Businesses Can’t Overlook Human Resources Legislation

Many small start-up companies are run by people who have the vision to create new products or the entrepreneurial foresight to take a new idea to market. For many people whose skills lie in innovation and pioneering, the details of running a business can stand in the way of their creativity. However, an unwillingness or an inability to deal with the ins and outs of business administration is no excuse for failing to put processes in place to ensure that a business is being run according to all relevant legislation. Expansion Once ...
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Thinking about a career change

Be Selfish for the Greater Good When Changing Career

Changing career may seem selfish if your friends, and especially if your family, those who depend on you financially, need to make sacrifices too. As long as these sacrifices are not too severe of course, then in the long term everyone will win. You will be happier, more productive, and a nicer person to be around. If you plan things properly, the financial sacrifices will be short term, and your new career will compensate in other ways too. Changing career often includes a change of lifestyle, and this may include ...
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Your New Career Sign

7 Steps To Your Midlife Career Change

Precontemplation 1.Disbelief: You are unconvinced of the need to change career. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I happy about my current job and my career path? Am I fulfilled in my career? Am I appreciated for my personal career contribution? Am I the person I believe I can be? Am I fully alive, having quality time every day at work and outside of work to share with family and friends? Am I confident of my future career success? If the answer is yes to all of the above, then you probably don’t need to change ...
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